7th Young Minds Leadership meeting
May 3 - 5, 2018, Czech Technical University in Prague

Public transport in Prague

Prague public transit service includes metro, tram and bus lines and also less likely of your interest trains, funicular to Petřín hill and ferries. Public transport timetables can be found at www.dpp.cz/en/.


Metro: (A-green, B-yellow and C-red line) operates 5:00 – 24:00. Changing stations Muzeum (A-C), Můstek (A-B), Florenc (B-C).

Trams: Daytime operation 4:30 – 24:00, night service provided by tram lines 91 to 99.

Buses: Similar to tram operation, night service provided by lines 901 to 915.



Travelling is allowed with a valid ticket only - purchased in advance. The ticket sale is provided in yellow vending machines (coins, some of them cards), installed in all metro stations and at selected surface transit stops including the airport and railway stations and most of the newsagent's (and buses 40 CZK, exact change usually needed). Any ticket needs to be validated only once in a yellow machine (metro entrance, tram, bus …) then you can change the types of transportation for the given time of validity of the ticket.


For most of you the zone P adult fare applies. Single-trip tickets: 32 CZK (90 min) and 24 CZK (30 min). In most cases 32 CZK ticket is fine unless you are sure you make your journey in under 30 min.

Short-term tickets: 110 CZK (24 h) or 310 CZK (72 h) convenient if you plan to travel around.

Oversize luggage: for items over dimensions of 25×45×70 cm a single ticket of 16 CZK is required - which is a discounted price of the 32 CZK ticket.

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